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Online entries for any equestrian event- Equine Bookings

Equine Bookings is one of the trading names for Horse Events Ltd which acts as the agent between event organisers and the customers.

We give event organisers the opportunity to accept online bookings and hassle free payments at no extra cost.
The system provides events with an automated online entries secretary helping to save time, stress, bank charges and extra man power whilst running your event.

We aim to make accepting online entries as stress free as possible for Event Organisers. We take care of the whole process from uploading your online schedule, custom built entry forms for each event, managing entries and accepting Safe Secure payments. With our support and service all your event entries will be taken care of.

We are the only Equestrian booking system that can cater for all types of events and the different entry processes required


  • Single entry events – ODE, Dressage, Combined training, Pony club rallies
  • Team Events – Pony Club, Riding Club & Schools
  • Area Events – Pony club area events – 2 form booking process
  • Audience events – Mutiple tickets reserved under 1 name

Additional  Admin Services 


Postal Entries The same process of a Booking fee is used and no charge is made to the event organiser for handling postal entries.Postal entries will be processed on the online secretarial system by us. The Entry form is sent direct to us along with a cheque payment made out to your event/organisation which we can bank for you.

Event Times & Running Orders

  1. Times can be calculated and published on our website.
  2. Running orders can be formulated and sent to you for printing

Crib Sheets & Master Score sheets

  1. Crib sheets for dressage, and optimum times can be provided.
  2. A4 Master Score sheets will be sent to you for printing.

Commentary Information

  1. Individual competitor commentary Information cards

Digital Dressage Scoring software

Our scoring software allows your judges to input their marks and comments directly into a tablet,  giving you seamless live dressage scoring and the opportunity to email score sheets to your competitors.


An automated Online Secretary that takes care of your entries at no added cost to the event.

Email and telephone support for your entrants.

Automated Email Confirmation upon entering

Benefit from Free Advertising and marketing from being on the former.horse-events.co.uk website

No Hidden Payment gateway or merchant fee costs to the organiser.

Organiser Login to view and download your entrants.

Time Saving – it is proven that once an event offers online entries as little as 5% are sent in paper format.

Event Sponsor benefits – by publishing your event sponsors on your schedule they can benefit from the exposure and links the Horse Events website gives.

Additional Services include Event Times, Running Orders, Score Crib Sheets & Master Score sheets, Cross Country Commentary Information cards

Watch our Video to Learn more


We set up everything for you and take care of your event entries, all you need to provide us with is your event schedule and event terms and conditions.

  1. Your event is uploaded to the former.horse-events.co.uk website. Each event is given its own unique event page which includes all your event details; Classes, Key Dates, Terms & Conditions, dressage test Download options, A link to a map and Directions to the event venue
    A Bespoke Booking and entry form is made so you can ask your competitors any information you require, and event contact details.
  2. Your Event page can be linked from your club or organisations website and you will benefits from the large number of visitors the former.horse-events.co.uk website attracts each day.
  3. Once your Event has been uploaded to the website entries can be accepted immediately, riders and owners can book your events using our safe and secure payment gateway and your bespoke booking form.
  4. Your event entries are managed by Equine Bookings, Entries will only be accepted when full payment has been made. A record of your entrants and their details is recorded and available for the event organiser at any time through your own secure login page. Once your entries have closed a full list of your entries and their details will be sent to your via email in an excel format.
  5. Payments are made using our secure online payment gateway the money is transferred into our event client account and then transferred to your events account on the individual terms decided (weekly, monthly, no: of entries) a record of payments, and transfer is recorded. This process ensures Maximum security for the Entrants and means your event banking charges are kept to a minimum.

Upon Entering……..

An email confirmation is sent to the entrant to confirm what that have entered and the entry fee has been taken from their account.

A back up email is sent to our event secretary database to ensure we are aware of every entry taken

Your event Entries list is updated so you can see who has entered your event whenever you like.


The entry fee is decided by the event organiser usually on a per class basis. In addition to this, we as your booking agent add our small fee on a per class basis to the event.

There is no cost to the event organiser, we collect the booking fees accordingly when entries for the event are taken, and the total entry fees are transferred to your event account.

In the case of entry fees having to be refunded this will be done in line with the individual events terms and conditions. Booking fees are non-refundable.

Booking fees payable by the competitors per class (Fees are Inclusive of VAT –  VAT NUMBER 210 704 069 ))

Entry fee £10 and under – £1 per class

Entry fee over £10 and up to £30 – £1.45 per class

Entry fee over £30 and up to £70 – £1.85

Entry fee over £70 and up to £100 – £2 per class

Entry fee over £100 and up to £150 – £3

Entry fee over £150 and up to £300 – £4

Entry fee over £200 and up to £300 – £5

Minimum Charge per event or clinic is £10. If booking fees do not reach £10 the remainder will be deducted from the entry fees.

There are no banking charges to you as the organiser  – we pay your merchant account charges.

What does this mean – every time someone pays online using a card the card providers charge us to use this service.
We take this charge on for you in the booking fee so you don’t have to.


Equine Bookings is the trading name for Horse Events which acts as the  agent between event organisers and the customers.

Equine Bookings acts as a booking agent on behalf of the event organisers the entrant’s contract is with the organisers not with the Equine Bookings.

Cancellations and Withdrawals: Each organiser will list their individual withdrawal and cancellation terms on their unique event page. When withdrawing or cancelling an entry these terms will be used. Refunds can be processed back onto the card in which the entrant paid on.

Equine Booking will act as the event Secretary and can be contacted for entry queries. An additional event organisers contact details will be given as a point of contact for all other event queries.