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SEG – Rules and Withdraw Policy

Schools Equestrian Games Competition Rules 

  • Any horse and rider combination cannot compete in any SEG competition over lower than previously competed. For example, once competing at 100cm you cannot compete any lower than 80cm or competing at 90cm, you cannot compete lower than 70cm.
  • Minimum age of competitor 7 years old on date of competition. Please note this may vary with individual venues, check the event schedules for confirmation of age eligibility.
  • In all team competitions unless stated otherwise there must be at least 2 different riders, only one rider can compete two horses/ponies in the same team, but only if there are no other individual riders from that school competing in the same class.
  • Each horse or pony may only compete once in each class at the same  competition,
  • Outside assistance is forbidden and will result in elimination. (Please check to see if dressage tests can be called)
  • It is compulsory that all riders wear hats/helmets up to British Standard Riding Hats.  All Hats must carry a current Horse-Events, British Eventing or Pony Club tag. No Fixed peak Hats may be worn for the Cross Country Phase
  • Riding is a risk sport and it is compulsory that all riders wear body protectors to the latest BETA standard for all XC.
  • All horses and ponies must be 4 years old and over.
  • Stallions may only be ridden with prior permission from the organisers and must wear identifying discs on their bridles in the interest of safety.
  • All children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times on site and at a team event, the team manager or a representative must be present throughout the duration of which your team is competing.
  • No child or team can represent their school without the consent of the head teacher through the completion of the ‘SEG Registration Form’ (see eligibility).
  • It is the responsibility of the competitors, team manager and parents to be aware of, and abide by the rules of the individual competition and failure to comply may result in elimination.
  • Competitors, team managers and parents should remember they are always representing their school when present at a SEG event. Please be polite and courteous to others at the event.
  • The organiser holds the right to remove or eliminate individuals from the competition for inappropriate behaviour by the competitor or their representatives.
  • Any SEG event can run in conjunction with an unaffiliated event.


Whilst competing at a SEG competition, compliant competition dress is expected. In the event of hot weather, jackets may not be worn but only at the judge’s discretion (shoulders MUST be covered)

    • Jackets – a traditional style jacket in any plain colour or tweed.
    • Shirts with suitable stock or tie.
    • Breeches- white or beige breeches should be worn for Dressage and Show Jumping, dark colours can be worn for Cross Country.
    • Riding boots- only standard riding or jodhpur boots with a well-defined square cut heel may be worn. Half Chaps are permitted without tassels.
    • Rider’s hair must be worn above the collar and in a hair net
    • Spurs as per BE rules
  • Head Cams – are not permitted at any SEG Competition

Identification of Sponsors – Dress  & tack

The following apply to all disciplines / phases:-

Any sponsor or advertising logo displayed on a rider’s Dress must be that of a rider’s school or school team sponsor.

Advertising and logos must not contravene any laws, be controversial or socially undesirable or bring the sport into disrepute.

No logo may be displayed which the Organiser has stated in the schedule as unacceptable.


The Competitor may bear the logo of his sponsor:-

  • On both sides of shirt collar. The logo must not be larger than 16sq cms
  • On each side of the two sides of jackets or top garments at the height of the breast pockets.
  • The logo must not be larger than 80sq cms
  • Saddle pad logo can be displayed Maximum of 200Sq Cms

Show Jumping
As for dressage and in addition the Competitor may bear the logo of his sponsor:-

  • Vertically in the middle of his protective headwear.
    The logo must not be longer than 25cm or wider than 5cm
  • On the left leg of his riding breeches. The logo must not be longer than 20cm or wider than 4cm;
  • Saddle pad logo can be displayed Maximum of 200Sq Cms

Cross Country Phase Subject to the above paragraphs no further restrictions apply to the cross country phase.

Suspension from competing for medical reasons:

If a rider is banned/suspended from competing in any sport for medical reasons, they should not compete at any SEG event until passed fit for the sport in which they are banned/suspended.  It is the responsibility of the rider or parent/guardian to ensure that this rule is adhered to.

Video evidence in protests and protest procedure

Any queries and complaints must be in writing and handed to the Organiser within 30 minutes of the incident together with a deposit of £25, which will be refunded if the objection is upheld.

Video Evidence can be used and will be analysed and viewed by the organiser or Technical Advisor on the day. In the event that the Judges decision is seen to be incorrect or different to that of the organisers. The Technical Advisor or Organiser of the event has the Final Decision in the event of a protest.


Additional Rules to the above for Eventing 

For the Eventing series for the Schools Equestrian Games, the competition will run under Horse Events Eventing Rules 2023 unless stated in this schedule.

  • If the same horse and rider combination has qualified at multiple heights, they must compete at highest qualification at the championships, unless previous permission has been granted by the organisers, which will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

for example if x3 combinations qualify individually at 90cm but one of them goes on to qualify at 1m also, that 1m rider may still ride at 90cm to enable the school to run a team. This can only be for 1 rider within the team.

  • All riders must be 7 years and older on the day of competition. Unless stated differently on the individual schedules.
  • The Show Jumping phase will run under BS rules unless stated otherwise.

Additional Rules to the above for Arena Eventing 

Speeds and Timings

The course will have an optimum time based on the measured distance and speeds set below, depending on the venue & surface speeds for classes will be based on the following:

70cm & 80cm – The whole course is based on a time of 325m – 350 per minute.

90cm – 110cm– The whole course is based on a time of 350m – 375m/per minute.

The placings will be decided on jumping penalties and then closest to the optimum time.

Stop Watches are not permitted.

In the case of the times being equidistant from the optimum time, the one under the optimum time will win.

Penalties will be as follows:

Show Jumping  Cross Country 
First Disobedience  4 penalties 20 penalties
Second Disobedience  8 penalties (at any fence) 40 penalties (at any fence)
Third Disobedience  Elimination (at same fence) Elimination (at same fence)
Four cumulative disobediences over whole course SJ & XC Combined  Elimination Elimination
Knock down of obstacle  4 penalties 11 penalties
Knock down of joker (last fence) 6 penalties
Fall of horse Elimination Elimination
Fall of rider Elimination Elimination
Exceeding time limit (twice time allowed) Elimination Elimination
Error of course  Elimination Elimination
Crossing of tracks anywhere in course 4 penalties No Penalties in XC Phase
Starting before the bell
(if you are unsure if you heard it please ask the judge)


ALL Withdrawals must be registered with entries secretary in writing or emailed . Different withdrawal policy will be stated on the individual schedules please read carefully.